Informative Essay: Why Gmo Is A Good Thing

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gon Why Gmo is a good thing Gmo is a acronym for genetically modified organism.Now what that means is that a organism that has been genetically modified or changed.There are a lot of things that are Gmo.For example there are about 97% of soybean and 88% of corn with 94% of cotton are Gmo .Other things that are gmo are rise,cotton ,alfalfa,canola,sugar beets, papaya and even salmon with many more.Now most people are against that but I 'm actually for it.Well only for the ones that actually care about people 's health and that are not doing this to just to make money.So why am I for it? We 'll let 's take the papaya for an example the fruit once had a bad diseases called papaya ring spot virus.So what some scientist did was to do gmo to some

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