Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay

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Imagine being able to decide what your baby’s future is before it even exists. Genetic engineering is becoming a controversy in this world. There a dispute between people as to whether this will be a common procedure that will occur and if it will cause benefits or drawbacks. This issue is important to everyone because it will affect lives to come. Some may argue it is inhumane alter your child to what you please; although others argue it will make lives superior with the medical advances. Human genetic engineering is beyond morally wrong and creates many concerns rather than just solutions. Therefore, genetic modification of humans should not become permissible in this world.
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McKibben writes that “The vision of genetic engineering is to do to humans what we have already done to salmon and wheat, pine trees and tomatoes. That is, to make them better in some way; to delete, modify, or add genes...” (McKibben, par 4). A child is a blessing that can be taken for granted sometimes. Some people do not have the ability to bear a child, and the people that can are wanting to make them perfect for their own desire, while others would do anything just to have a child. This procedure will most likely be done more for the parents wishing, not the child. Is there even such thing as a perfect human? Everyone has their own opinion as to what the definition of perfect is, so how do you make a child perfect? Human genetic engineering will turn children into objects, which is beyond immoral. There are many religions that would be very against this as well. Religious implications would play a huge factor in this because so many people rely heavily on their religion’s …show more content…

Scientist clarify that “Genome-editing technologies may offer a powerful approach to treat many human diseases, including HIV/AIDS, hemophilia, sickle-cell anemia and several forms of cancer” (Lanphier The medical advances that come along with this could truly help save lives. It may be able to help get rid of serious, life threatening diseases before they even exist inside a child. In doing this, children will not have to live with genetic disorders and live a healthy life. Ronald Green explains “Human weakness has been eliminated through genetic engineering” (570). Although these advances could help save uncountable lives, that may cause an issue for the rest of the world. For one, the dangers that come with this need to be observed. There is no way to tell if this will be safe. Also, overpopulation is already a major issue in the world and in curing all diseases it will only add to this issue. Diseases are a part of nature and are not easy to tame. When diseases are exterminated by genetic engineering, creations of other diseases will most likely transpire. Curing all diseases would be a fantastic task and accomplishment, but we must know the consequences that may come

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