Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering Designer Babies

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Genetic Engineering Designer Babies

Have you ever wondered what a designer baby is? Well a designer baby a baby developing from an embryo created by in-vitro fertilization and selected because it had or lacked particular genes, the genetic makeup often having been modified by genetic engineering. This technology has made it possible for there to be a way for doctors to modify a baby 's characteristics and its health. This is important to some people because this process helps choose what type of baby you want“the perfect baby”. In my opinion I feel this process just makes the people who want it more satisfied with their child instead of enjoying their child’s original beauty. All in all, this process helps parents get the child they always wanted but there is a price for it.
To start off, let’s talk about the process. This technology can perform this task, but in order to genetically alter the embryos, geneticists have to insert genes. Geneticists have introduced a different gene to …show more content…

Some good things about a designer baby is that it can reduce: a risk of genetic diseases and a risk of inherited medical conditions. Another thing that 's good about a designer baby is that it has a better chance that the child will succeed in life and helps with a better understanding in genetics. It also can increase the lifespan and can give a child genes that the parents don’t carry. Lastly, it can prevent next generation of family from getting characteristics or diseases. On the other hand, all these positive things could be true but you 're never sure so, some cons are that the genes or the genetics often have more than one use and can not be as perfect as you want it. This can also create a gap in society and possibly damage the gene pool. And can also lead to termination of embryos and a loss of individuality. Sometimes other children in the family could be affected by the parent’s

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