Designer Babies Essay

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There are religious, ethnic and cultural biases in our society that are the main cause and lead to non-healthy choices in designer babies.
Modernization is linked with scientific inventions and discoveries which are part of this 21st century in which we live today. Modernization helped us to discover many new things however, it has also helped us to discover a lot about the details and functioning of the human body. Such discoveries have always done in order to cause betterment to the humanity and in a way to improve our knowledge with regard to humans. There is a huge difference in opinion amongst a number of people. There are certain people who feel that such discoveries are really helpful and they must keep going as a continuous improvement …show more content…

The religious groups have massive differences with regard to the concept of designer babies. These ethical groups have various concerns that parents tend to choose those characteristics which are quite superior and may not be desired by the children themselves. Another scenario could be that the social pressure might make them to have a specific trait in their child however, they may not really want it to be there. It has been quite common in our society that each parent tries to compare his/her child with others. Therefore, it makes them to think in that way and they make such …show more content…

He must be having the liberty to make his/her own selections. Parents make their child limited by doing such actions. It is very important to decide on the limit of human genome project. In general, we would want our child to possess good habits, religion, height, culture etc. they are already inherited by the baby. It can also be said that choosing eye color and height is not at all unethical in any way. But when we make ourselves to choose the baby’s career and limit him from doing other activities that becomes seriously unethical. Considering the above examples, it helps us to understand what is the limit and up till where we should limit and stop

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