Suzy Wnuck: Chapter 4, Reasons, And Conclusions

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CRE101 Chapter 4, Reasons Suzy Wnuck
Objectives: To use internet resources and databases to locate issues, reasons, and conclusions.
Directions: Critically read several issues from the website and select one issue that you find interesting. Write the issue on the line below in the form of a question. Read the “reasons” provided and select your top 3 “pro” and top 3 “con” reasons. Read the background information after the reasons and you can select a video (pro/con) to view if you have earbuds or headphones.
Topic: Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered from 21 to a Younger Age?
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Issue: (remember to write it in the form of a question)
Would lowering the Minimum Legal Drinking Age be fair, smart and effective …show more content…

Reasons given in the article to support the author’s Issue: (Look for transition words “for example, in addition”..)
1. Parents would be able to choose not only the gender of the baby but also the eye, hair color, height as well as athletic and cognitive abilities possibly creating a race similar to Hitler’s eugenics.
2. Despite controversy, the actual science behind the creation of designer babies is supported not only by the public but also the reproductive medical community in regards to genetic disease screening to ensure only healthy embryos are selected.
3. The public is opposed when screening includes traits unrelated to health diseases such as the selection of hair and eye color, height and other enhanced characteristics.
4. Many want the government to determine and set in place what is acceptable and unacceptable in Pre-implantation genetic

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