Wearing Seat Belt Persuasive Speech Outline

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Specific purpose: To persuade my audience about making not wearing a seat belt illegal. Central Idea: I will discuss the problem with not wearing a seat belt, the causes of not wearing your seat belt, and the solutions to make drivers and passengers wear their seat belt. Introduction I. Attention: We all heard of the saying click it or ticket it. Just imagine in one moment your whole life changed by one decision you could have avoided simply by buckling up. II. Topic: My topic today is making not wearing your seat belt illegal. III. Credibility: I am qualified to discuss this topic because I have done several hours of research. IV. Preview: There are three main points that I will discuss in the body of my speech. First, I will state the problem with not wearing a seatbelt. My second main point will provide you with the causes of not wearing a seatbelt. Finally, I will examine some …show more content…

It is very common to see young male, less educated, and live in rural areas not wearing their seatbelt. B. A 2007 journal Associations Between Sociodemographics And Safety Belt Use In States With And Without Primary Enforcement Laws written by Laurie F. Beck, Ruth A. Shults, Karin A. Mack, and George W. Ryan explains that there are two types of seatbelt laws, which vary by each state. First are the primary laws authorizing police to stop drivers to issue a citation when a person does not wear a seatbelt is the only violation. Secondly, there are secondary laws that only allow police to issue a seatbelt citation when another traffic violation has committed. II. Another problem is law enforcement is now linking not wearing a seatbelt to other crime acts. A. A 2012 journal called Buckle up: non-seat belt use and antisocial behavior in the United States by Michael G. Vaughn, Christopher P. Salas-Wright, and Alex R. Piquero did a study and “individuals reporting that they never wear a seat belt while driving or as a passenger are more likely to report using alcohol and

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