Why We Should Have Seat Belts On Buses

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Putting seat belts on the buses has been up for debate for a long time,so what is holding the congress back from making it a law? The answer is according to NHTSA they believe that large buses have been proven to be very safe and doubt that adding seat belts would add any improvement and would just be more expenses,but they have many benefits to the safety of people.Buses should have seat belts to reduce the amount of injuries/deaths,improve behavior, and shows good safety habits. Having seat belts on buses could be very beneficial to reducing the amount of injuries.There have been many accidents in the past few years that could have had a better outcome if seat belts were a law for buses.In Houston, 2 teenage girls were killed while being ejected from the bus. Now if they had their seat belts on.…. oh wait there are none. If there were, then they would have been saved probably injured, but get a chance to get treated rather than dying instantly.Martin Downs,MPH stated that statistics show the amount of deaths in cars are 8 times more than buses. He states that “No matter how impressive statistics involving millions of kids and billions of miles are, they tend …show more content…

For example, seat belts could help the kids by encouraging that they don 't stand up and walk around because that could lead to other problems. As a result, bus drivers could have less distractions that could lead to a detrimental outcome. With seat belts in place the children would be able to do other things without having to fall out into the aisle because of a turn. We could be less distracting to the driver and lead to a better ride to and from school. While I was in elementary school, we fell all the time and if the diver needs to see out the back window with kids blocking the way it could lead to an accident, so we need to realize how much it could hurt if you don 't have seat belts to help the behavior of

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