Persuasive Speech: The Use Of Cell Phones While Driving

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General purpose: to persuade Specific purpose: to persuade my audience that the use of cellphone while driving has become a life threatening not only to the driver but also to other motorist and pedestrians. Thesis: Preview: -To discuss on how we can decrease the percentage of those who use their cell phone while driving. - To discuss the cons and the outcome of the use of cell phone while driving. A. Attention getter: B. In todays society not only has technology increased over the years but it has also evolved to which in turn caused many issues. 1. As the years go by the percentage of car collisions due to the cause of distraction of cell phone use has rapidly increased. According to centers for disease control and prevention in …show more content…

C. Solution: influencing and convincing people to not use their cell phone while driving to decrease or have zero deaths or injuries each year in car collisions caused by cell phone use. • Some do not realize that the use of cell phone while driving can distract you in many ways ➢ While driving there are three main types of distraction visual, manual, cognitive. Taking your eyes of the road is visual distracting for example looking at your phone. Taking your hand of the wheel is manual distraction for example having your phone in hand and not on the wheel. Lastly taking your mind off the road is cognitive distraction for example conversation on the phone while driving. All these distraction can lead up to a collision. 1. Implementing someone to not use his or her cell phone while driving will make you a hero because you stopped someone from the possibility of getting into a car collision. 2. In the national conference of state legislature it states that • Hand held cell phone use is banned in only 14 states, • All cell phone ban: no state bans all cell phone use for all

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