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What is Distracted Driving? Distracted driving is anything that affects reaction delay time, removes focus from the road and causes accidents. The Center for Disease Control lists three types of distractions which can be anything form visual, manual and cognitive. Commonly texting is something that removes visual focus from the road. Interacting with children and other persons sometimes affects them manually on the road. Then, there is social media which in many cases removes the mind from the road. Today the major distractions while driving can be anything from texting, interacting with people inside or outside the vehicle and posting on social media. Texting while driving is a major discussion today, as it is becoming more popular. Texting and turning focus to the phone while driving can affect the craft of safe driving. What many users of technology do not know is that other features of text besides texting, such as emailing and searching the GPS are other distractions that can become dangerous. These types of activities are not as dangerous as …show more content…

A wide variety of social media apps are frequently used and available on multiple devices today. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are some of those popular apps. The many features of these apps include connecting with friends, socializing, taking pictures, posting, reposting and etc. Therefore, since these apps are features of using the phone, and causes drivers to take their eyes off the road, it is also a type of distraction. Overall texting is the form distraction while driving as it appeals to all of the types of distractions from visual, manual and cognitive. Secondhand distractions can be anything from interacting with people inside the car and using social media adds. All of the above are distractions that should be limited to perform safe driving and better awareness for the safety off drivers, passengers and

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