Discouraging Distracted Driving

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Discouraging Distracted Driving A couple months ago my roommates and a couple friends were enjoying a sporting event that was being broadcasted on the television. During one of the commercial breaks we were socializing with each other and all of a sudden each of us, one by one became quite because of a commercial that was airing. The word “yeah” flashed across the screen and then a young woman with tears streaming down here face said, “these were the last words my sister read before she died”. Her sister had been driving while reading a text message that was four simple letters, “yeah”. In a split second from looking at her phone, she had clipped the median of the road and her car started to roll, which is when she was ejected 300 feet from the car. For this young lady, her life ended because she was texting while driving, but she could have easily been putting on makeup, opening a soda, or even talking to a passenger and still have been in that fatal car crash. AT&T and many other cell phone companies are putting information out there so people know the dangers of being distracted while driving. States need to start making aware the dangers that come from distracted driving and the effects that it can have on not only the driver but everyone on the road. Having a mandatory class for new drivers about the dangers of distracted driving could possibly help reduce the statistics of …show more content…

When on the road make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions while driving, to not only keep yourself but everyone around you. Driving distracted isn’t only texting and driving, it is anything that takes your attention away from your primary task. Don’t let yourself be a candidate for an AT&T commercial about distracted driving. Lives can be changed forever in a matter of seconds, don’t let it be your

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