Persuasive Speech On Distracted Driving

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While you are driving and you hear a vibration from your phone, what do you do? If you are like most you will take it out and look at it. If you do this, you are putting not only yourself at risk but others to. It can cause you to swerve into the other lane and potentially hit oncoming traffic. Or even swerve into a ditch and hit a beam or go into a deep creek. Distracted driving is extremely common in youth. Kids do not understand the dangers of distracted driving. That is why I believe we should have an app on our phones, that when you get into a car the phone powers down. The risk of dying is not worth one text. Yet kids in today's world do not see the risks or possibilities that can come out of it. It is not as common for adults to text and drive. Adults have more experience behind the wheel in a car than the youth do. Yet most of the time when they get a text there eyes go from the road to there phone. In that very short amount of time people can go a long ways. If you are going 60 mph, in 3 seconds you will travel 100 yards, that is a football field long. Yet almost 660,000 people during the daylight hours are on their phones while driving. …show more content…

That includes eating, texting, or even messing with you car radio. If you see anyone texting and driving you can report it to the local police. The fine for texting and driving can be up to 200$ and time in jail. I do not think a single text is worth that let alone time in jail. Yet people don't see what kinds of damage they can cause when the hit someone. What if they kill someone in the crash then have to live with the fact that they killed

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