Distracted Driving Essay

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Anyone who drives would more than likely admit to being distracted while driving. Many forms of distraction exist while driving. The most common forms include texting while driving, focusing the mind on something else, and talking with others in the car. The distractions people take part in create many serious problems like death. People do not realize that the smallest distractions can result in a life changing event. The issue of distracted driving has had some laws against it, but the laws do not do enough. Distracted driving needs stricter laws because major issues result from it including death or serious injuries Many forms of distracted driving exist and cause many problems. Teddi Johnson states the definition for distracted driving …show more content…

Three of the high risk behaviors account for texting and driving including “eyes off of the road, at least one hand off the wheel, and mind off the driving situation” (Hollister, 2013). The three actions a person partakes in while texting and driving fall into the three major categories the Center for Disease Control established. Once people begin texting and driving, they no longer pay attention to their driving and only their phone or tablet. Distracted driving takes away the reaction time of a driver from avoiding a crash. Comprehending danger while driving takes multiple seconds. A distracted driver would travel the length of a football field when driving sixty miles per hour (Hollister, 2013). The length and amount of time could cause a horrific accident. Traffic safety researchers at Virginia Tech also recognized that those who participate in the act of texting and driving will be twenty-three times more likely to crash (Johnson, 2012). Everyone can see the evidence that distracted driving exists, specifically texting and driving. The people need to recognize it. Texting and driving has caused many deaths among teens and others, and many families grieve every day, wishing that the worst action anyone can do while driving to become illegal. In the year 2009, 5,500 people died in texting and driving related accidents (Johnson, 2012). From then the numbers only go up because of the growth of technology. Since the issue has grown and causing more and more problems, laws need to change and become stricter to fit the new forms of

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