Distracted Driving Equated Essay

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Distracted driving is a serious issue in the United States that can have major negative effects and needs to be rectified. Everyday accidents on the road occur and distracted driving plays a major role in them. It is commonly agreed upon that it needs to be rectified, but the important question is, whether the repercussions for distracted driving should be equated to drunken driving. Based on data, statistics, and the effects of distracted driving, the repercussions for distracted driving and drunken driving should be equated. Equating the repercussions will be effective in reducing the number of road fatalities by creating a sense of precaution and seriousness for all drivers. Distracted driving should be equated because in the end it results…show more content…
They are both dangerous and can both result in fatalities. And at the end of the day that’s what really matters. Both drunken driving and distracted driving are careless acts and if someone were to die because of these careless actions it is a life taken either way. When someone drinks and drives or drives while drunk, it is a decision. It is a decision just as when someone decides to take a glance at their phone. In both decisions, one is choosing to put another’s right to life at risk. While drunk driving, a person is unaware of their surroundings, they are slightly out of control and vulnerable to making mistakes. While distracting driving, a person is also unaware of their surroundings, their attention is focused on something else and not the road, which also make a person vulnerable to making…show more content…
The possible consequences for both are the same and a life taken because of these careless actions is a life taken either way. Distracted driving needs to be understood by looking at the facts and understanding the seriousness of it. It is a major problem that affects a vast majority of Americans and the measure of equating the repercussions to drunk driving needs to be taken to make effective changes in our

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