Distracted Driving Behavior Essay

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A highly effective approach to the problem of distracted driving is to make its penalties as severe as DUI penalties. This dangerous driving behavior, which has become a national pandemic, refers to objects or activities (either internal or external) that cause a diversion in the driver’s attention. As a result, the driver switches focus to a non-driving activity—such as using a cellphone, eating a meal, or looking at a billboard. The current fine imposed by the State of California for using electronic devices behind the wheel is only $20, the lowest in the country, for a first-time offense (Bundy and Raja,1). Contrast that with a first-time DUI offender who faces a six-month jail time and a heavy fine of up to $3,000. My friend who used to drink and drive is a good case in point. …show more content…

After he was arrested and charged with DUI, he had to pay a fine of $2500 to the court, as well as $100 to the police station just for a release paper to get his car back from the auto pound and then another $300 to the auto pound itself. Additionally, he had to switch to a very expensive auto insurance called SR22, which he was obligated to keep for 33 months. He also had to take a six-month course especially designed for DUI drivers in which first-time offenders are educated about the danger of drinking and driving. The classes alone cost him over $800. However, they were extremely informative and taught him that even very low consumption of alcohol has a negative effect on the brain of drivers, regardless of their age or experience. As a result of this horrible experience, he decided to give up his habit of drunk driving. In conclusion, massive penalties and heavy punishments are the most effective motivations to prevent drivers from engaging in non-driving activities. Therefore, distracted-driving laws must made be as strict as the laws of drunk

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