Distracted Driving In America

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Have you ever seen a driver that’s looking down at their phone or applying makeup on the go? Have you wondered what happened to them after you passed them at the light? Every day there are more and more distracted drivers on the roads of America. Whether there was serious damage done or just a slight drift into another lane, distracted driving affects Americans’ daily life greatly and can have many consequences. To begin, there are many kinds of distractions on the road. Many drivers face the challenge of focusing on the road for the entire drive. Whether it may be checking their phone or finishing breakfast or just talking with the passengers, all of these are still roadblocks to a safe drive. “Distracted Driving” says, “There are three …show more content…

There are large numbers linked to distracted driving, with many injuries and deaths among them. “Texting & Driving” states, “In 2015 42% of teens say they have texted while driving… leading cause of death in teens.”(Texting & Driving). Those affected by distracted driving is not limited to just adults. Teens and early drivers also are often distracted by things such as their cell phone. At the same time, adults are very well affected by distractions when driving. andrew.currin.ctr@dot.gov. says, “In 2015 alone, 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.”(andrew.currin.ctr@dot.gov.). Many are affected by distracted driving, whether being the driver or the person affected by the driver. However, there does not seem to be a sign of these numbers decreasing. In fact, according to “Distracted Driving Is Now an Epidemic in the U.S.”, “U.S. fatalities from traffic accidents rose 7.2% last year to 35,092—the largest increase in 50 years—and distracted driving played a role in 10% of those deaths...fatalities from “distraction-affected” crashes increased 8.8% to 3,477 from 3,197…”(Distracted Driving Is Now an Epidemic in the U.S.). Distracted driving has such a big impact in our life because it has such a big impact on the ability to drive. “Texting & Driving” states, “driving with a

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