Driving Against Distracted Driving

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In this era, with technology as a part of everyday life, it has become difficult to use a simple Public Service Announcement (PSA) as a way to reduce distracted drivers. This is due, for the most part, to the developed habit of assuming. People believe, since it’s seen in many shows and commercials, that those ‘bad things’ that come as a result of distracted driving are not likely to occur to them. People want to prove that they are able to do multiple tasks at once and every PSA would be a challenge so to speak, to show they are above average at multitasking. Those such assumptions and aspirations to prove oneself have resulted in such growing rates. On the other hand however, there’s a way to use such a method for those who are prepared and …show more content…

Amongst them, is the simple fact the many people assume announcements lack consequences. In such cases, an announcement through media will not have as great an impact as compared to the consequences that are brought forward due to ignoring such messages. Humans are used to consequences being explained to them to end a habit or start a new one, but they have a built in complex into which they ‘figure’ that it is impossible to happen to themselves. Another following reason is how the PSA is presented. In current technology, life has been so based on communication through technology. The use of media such as television and other channels that have no link to social media could mean the information doesn’t reach the entire public, only reaching those who are watching, and paying attention to, these channels. It’s nearly impossible to target every young driver there is in the state of florida. Unfortunately, that is a very difficult problem to solve. Public Service Announcements have little impact on a liberal community. It’s the perceptions on distracted driving that differ and through the use of PSA’s there is little chance of change for this mentality. It’s a waste of an announcement if it’s target is only reaching a small portion of the population. With distracted driving, that minimal understanding basic rules of traffic is acceptable as long as you don’t break

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