Genetically Modified Organisms

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In a world where it seems like GMO is regarded as a process that is causing harm, many do not realize the benefits GMO have. The term genetically modified organism means that an organism's DNA has been modified through genetic engineering, where the gene of an organism with a specific trait is inserted into a plasmid, and is transferred into the organism so when cells are reproduced, they carry that new trait. Through GMO, many accomplishments have been achieved that have helped us. One example is the Hawaiian papaya crisis. In the 1990’s, papayas in Hawaii were severely getting infected called Papaya ringspot - virus. The virus was threatening the large industry, where it became extremely difficult to produce papayas without them being infected. That is where GMO plays an important role. A …show more content…

They offer cures for diseases such as anti blood clotting proteins, antithrombin, through milk secreted from a mammal. By making fruits and vegetables, you can feed more people. Genetically modified organisms can do many things for our benefit when put into the right hands. You can preserve resources too. The FLAVR SAVR tomato was created that did not rot as quickly as a regular tomato. Now you may be wondering, that cannot be healthy, probably has excess amount of preservatives. This is not true. It has been genetically engineered to slow down the ripening through an enzyme. This helps prevent wastage, another problem in today's society. Overall, genetically modified organisms are portrayed by society has horrific mutated beings that cause horrible side effects. It's a lot less than that. Genetically modified organisms have been continuing for years on end, which is why your vegetables have more fruit than seeds/peel, and why your dogs are so friendly. Genetically modified organisms can really help our daily life if we choose to use it wisely. They can feed more people, and be more practical for

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