Gmo Foods Persuasive Essay

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Whole wheat. Whole grain. No preservatives. Non gmo. These are all labels you would see on food at the grocery store, but do you know what they mean and if they are safe to eat? Gmo stands for genetically modified organism. In gmo food, scientists modify plants to last longer, grow their fruit bigger, survive longer, and have more nutrients and vitamins. Many people believe Gmo foods are not safe to eat since they are unnatural and could be harmful to us. What most people don’t look at is that gmo foods are really safe to eat and probably don’t pose any threat to our health because there have been hundreds of tests to prove they are completely safe. 2,000 studies have documented that Gmo foods are just as safe or even safer than organic foods. Amy Paturel who specializes in food nutrition and Robin Yamakawa who went to the University of North Carolina wrote, …show more content…

That includes 20 years of studies in animals that have eaten modified food.” Researchers have done many tests to prove that genetically modified food poses no threat to our health. All those hundreds of tests over 20 years prove there is no real threat and most of the stuff you hear about GMO foods are a myth. Skeptical Raptor, a blogger who writes about science, concludes from a meta research, “GMO crops are safe for humans and animals to consume. Before any GM crop can be shipped to a grocery store, they must be shown to be substantially equivalent to non-GM foods. In other words, GM crops should have no toxic biomolecules and have similar (if not more) of the nutrients found in the non-GM foods.” Genetically modified foods have to get approval to be in the supermarket. This shows that GM foods are just as good, sometimes better than regular food. This meta study looked at the 1,783 studies done about GM food safety and found more than half done about environmental safety rather than safety to consume GM foods

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