A Brief Note On The Pros And Cons Of GMO

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The Pros and Cons of GMO’S It is no lie that genetically modified organisms(GMO’s) technology is an amazing thing. But is it the necessarily the best thing for the environment. There are many arguments on the subject. I personally think that there is good and bad in the subject. But for the most part I think that GMO technology is a good thing. The definition of GMO or Genetically modified organism is taking a gene from one species to another. After conducting a survey with nine people I found some interesting things about how people feel about GMO’s. 55% people know what GMO’s are 22% somewhat know what they are and 22% have no idea what they are. I feel like you should know what a GMO is. I feel this way because of the world around us. GMO’s are the future, and the fact is they might be eating GMO’s every day and not knowing it worries me. In my opinion the company who made it should put a big label on the GM (Genetically modified) food. Because if you don't know and your doctor tells you that you should stay off a GM diet because of a health concern you could be in trouble with heath. The second question I asked is if you would eat food that have been GM. 77.8% will eat them and 22.2% wont. …show more content…

For one reason is that they are not healthy. According to The American Academy of Environmental Medicine it encourages doctors to have their patients to have a non GMO diet. The reason is that a study shows that it may lead to organ damage. Also it leaves material inside of us. The health rate of people with an illness jumped 9% in 1996 to 13% in 9 years. Cancer can be a big reason not to eat GMO’s. GMO’s have been proven to have increased cancers of different kind. The label concerns are a big reason not to buy GMO products. In an article it says 87% of food that Is Genetically modified is not

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