The Pros And Cons Of Pharming

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What on Earth is Pharming? Pharming is “the production of pharmaceuticals by genetically engineered plants or animals,”( Pharming has many different aspects. There is modifying plants and there is modifying animals. When people modify plants they are changing a certain trait to help the crop grow efficiently in different environments. Say someone wanted a nice watermelon. But they want the watermelon in the middle of winter. That is not when a watermelon grows. It grows during the warm season. They can genetically modify the watermelon to be able to grow during the winter months and then this person can have watermelon year round. Now take into the fact that the watermelon may not be as juicy and as good as a warm…show more content…
Then there is no watermelon for this poor person who simply wanted a slice. There are a few cons when it comes to genetically modifying the genes of any organism. Genetically modifying organisms can contaminate food crops, and it is potentially dangerous to the animals, plus the pharmaceuticals can harm human health. The first reason that pharming is bad for the society today is because genetically modifying organisms, such as plants in neighboring farms, can contaminate food crops. Food is very important to life. It is something that everyone needs. Farms that grow food that are for human consumption can be easily contaminated. “Wind can carry pollen and seeds of gm crops to a neighbouring farm which grows normal crops for human…show more content…
“Many eggs are examined when searching for one to implant into a host animal and, most of the time, the donors are sacrificed in the process,” ( This is really sad because the animals lives are put into danger. Another source also claims, “Moreover, a very large number of eggs are used when finding one egg that can be implanted and, the majority of the time, the donor animal is slaughtered in the egg donation process,” ( What does it show when multiple sources say similar things. This means that it is something that happens quite a lot. This is something that is not okay. Animals are not something that we should take for granted. They are creatures that provide for us by giving us the nutrients that we need for daily life. Things like milk and eggs, meat, could be altered or changed. Animals were not meant to be changed. They are unique and their own. They are special. Do we really need more animals that badly. Genetically modifying these animals can kill many in the process of making just one animal. Is it really worth it to kill many to gain
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