Summary Of Singer's Good Farm By Michael Pollan

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Michael Pollan brings to our attention the arguments that relate to the treatment of animals. He begins his essay with examples talking about how pigs are seen as nothing more than meat and how dogs get their own birthday and Christmas presents. Here he questions how certain animals receive different attitudes from us and makes us think about how each animal has a different fate. Pollan wants us to question ourselves and to look at animals from another perspective and see if they deserve more equality or if we need to have a different attitude towards them all together. These arguments are very effective in that they make us question of whether or not our attitude towards certain animals are different because of how they are used or in our eyes some are just more important than others. The author highlighted another paradox when it came to analyzing human attitude towards eating …show more content…

Humans may not need to eat meat in order to survive, yet doing so is part of our evolutionary heritage, reflected in the design of our teeth and the structure of our digestion” (Pollan). It’s in our nature to eat animals; we have been doing it since the beginning of time. Peter Singer sent an email to Pollan regarding the animals that lived on Singer’s Good Farm, saying, "I agree with you that it is better for these animals to have lived and died than not to have lived at all” (Pollan). Getting the chance to live is indeed better than to not live at all, regardless of your lifespan, unless that life is filled with nothing but torture and turmoil. I mean why even treat animals any better than how they treat each other. Animals eat each other in the end anyway. Also it might be possible that us killing the animals ourselves might be less harmful than them fighting each other and getting wounded in the process, even if one of them is the winner they still suffer for a long period of

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