Wrong To Eat Animals

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There are numerous arguments in support of the claim that it is not wrong to eat animals. I am going to discuss and evaluate some of them. One of the common arguments is that eating meat provides nutrients like protein and iron, which can only be obtained by eating meat. Therefore, it is not wrong to eat animals. I think this argument is unsubstantiated. Although meat are rich in protein and iron, it doesn’t mean that we can’t obtain these nutrients without consuming animals. Some vegetable, like spinach have high iron content. Soybeans and nattō beans are rich in protein. Besides, we can also take in dietary supplements to obtain essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the body. Therefore, it is not necessarily to eat animal to obtain …show more content…

Therefore, it is not wrong to eat animals. Again, I think this argument is superficial. Undeniably, animals eat each other in nature. For example, birds eat worms and eagles feeds on bird. However, this reflects only part of the truth. The process of predation of animals is utterly natural. This truly reflect the natural law ‘survival for fittest. However, most of animals eaten by humans are born unnaturally. They are born purely for humans’ food. Unlike wild animals, their entire life was controlled by humans. We seldom notice people eat animals by hunting them in forest or grassland nowadays. The way of people growing animals has violated the natural law already. On the other hand, there isn’t a kind of animal besides human eat animals by breeding them in a cage. To summarize, animals eat each other in nature doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong for humans eating animals in a way that is violated the natural law. For the same reason, the argument ‘It is natural for lions or tigers to eat animals, so it is natural for humans to eat animals too’ commit similar fallacies as the ways of lions or tigers eating animals are completely natural. They do not breed certain kinds of animals for their food. However, humans breed a certain kind of animals just for food and these animals are always enclosed in a small place. These actions deprive animals’ right and violate the …show more content…

Animals don’t have the intelligence as high as human beings because of their brain structure. Therefore, it is impossible for them to know humans’ feeling and care about us. It is not the animal’s fault. Animals should not be penalized and killed for our food just because of their inability to care about people. The mental state of animals is similar to the people who have serious intellectual disability. People who have serious intellectual disability can’t know and care others’ feeling too, yet no one will kill them for food. It is because having intellectual disability definitely not a crime. Hence, nobody would kill them for food. In conclusion, the argument is unreasonable because it is cruel and inhumane to eat a certain kind of animals just because of its inability to care about

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