Bonnie Steinbock's Argument Analysis

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In this paper, I will focus on Bonnie Steinbock’s claim on whether or not we should give equal moral consideration to species outside our own species group. I will first determine what moral concern means, according to Peter singer, and explain how he views the human treatment of animals. I will then outline Steinbock’s argument against Singer’s position and explain how her criticism is part of a much broader issue: that is moral concern. I will finally make my argument against Steinbock as well as address any issues she could possibly raise against my argument. Peter Singer believed that all species, whether it be human or non-human, deserve equal consideration of interests and quality of life. He argues that humans have taken this ‘speciesism’…show more content…
Why? Because there are three capacities of being a human that entitle us to a privileged position, as opposed to animals. We as humans have the capacity to hold ourselves responsible for our own actions, we’re expected to reciprocate and empathise, and we desire self-respect and dignity which non-humans don’t have the capacity to do. One objection that arises is that there have been cases where some humans are unfortunate enough to not have these capacities. Yet, she insists there is nothing wrong with us extending special care to members of our own species before the wellbeing of other…show more content…
She would easily defend her claim saying that humans have the obligation to take care of their own. Humans are allowed to extend their hands to take care of less fortunate members of our community. For example, let’s say a local church is donating food to the local community. In this scenario, there is a starving child who they do not know, and a starving dog. The church would feel obligated to first feed the starving child. Now, lets say there is a parent working with the church. If he were to choose between feeding his child, a starving child, or a starving dog, the parent would feel morally obligated to feed his child first. In other words, the matter of taking care of one’s own is something that is morally permissible, so it is okay for incapable humans to be treated
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