Genetic Engineering Persuasive Research Paper

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Imagine a world where disease and disorders were a thing of the past.Where technology and mankind mixed to create what some would like to call super humans. Humans who live longer, are more intelligent than ever before, and are nearly invincible to tragic disease. Would you be a supporter of something that seems so out of this world? Most would eagerly say yes to this scientific discovery at first thought. With all the advantages humans would gain and all the places and further discoveries we could make why wouldn 't we support the process? Though the grass seems to be greener on the other side of this scientific advancement, ask yourself, is it too good to be true? Furthermore just because we can, should we? That is the question I am here to answer. Currently scientists are experimenting with genetic engineering in crops, animals, and humans with the goal of adding one or more new traits that …show more content…

With genetic engineering we could create a much more healthy environment as a whole. The use of pesticides and chemicals that we all try to avoid in our fruits and vegetables would no longer be a worry because our crops would be modified making them resistant to things like pests. The future of genetic engineering and all of the amazing things it could do for us is hopeful, but with the good comes the bad. One of the main ethical dilemmas against genetic engineering is that it is not a natural process. The majority of these organisms are being made in laboratories and could not occur in the natural world. Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s not only affect human health but they also could possibly affect the ecosystem and its health. “By removing one pest that harms the crop, you could be removing a food source for an animal. Also, GM crops could prove toxic to an organism in the environment, leading to reduced numbers or extinction of that

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