Is Human Cloning Is Wrong Essay

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Imagine a world where everyone looked identical, there would be no physical diversity, instead, of everyone would be a duplicate of each other. What would differentiate one from another? What would give us our own unique identity?
According to the Oxford dictionary, a clone is an organism, or cell, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.
Due to the rapid progress of research in human cloning, scientists are able to create genetic copies of human beings, resulting in a population, lacking genetic variety. With this in mind, I believe the cloning of humans to be wrong; it is fundamentally unethical as it leads to the degrading of humanity (Humans?) Moreover, there are also major risks that are associated with the development of the medical cloning technology. For this reason, I strongly believe that scientists should seize research to successfully clone humans.
To make a clone, the nucleus from the egg cell of the mother is removed and replaced with the nucleus from the cell of the organism to be cloned. An electric shock triggers the cells to divide by mitosis and an embryo is formed. …show more content…

Human cloning tends to take place in unreliable laboratories, with scientists who have limited knowledge on what to do if a step they take is incorrect because they are usually just experimenting in unknown territory. (is this true?? Lots of laws regarding cloning especially in the UK) This leads to major ethical difficulties as scientists are playing with human life. Furthermore, if a clone is made and there is even the slightest mishap, whereby the clone could be inclined to suffer if given the chance to grow, some would strongly oppose due to the fact that human life is so complex and needs a perfect designer, not a person in a laboratory wearing a white coat and plastic goggles. Human life should take place naturally, not as an experiment in a lab as it diminishes the value of

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