Should Taxpayer Money Go To Cloning Essay

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Should Taxpayer Money Go Towards Cloning? If therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning are both dangerous then why allow it in human and animal cloning? Cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals. “95% of cloning have resulted in failures.” Therapeutic cloning can be replacing old organs on to someone or something else. Reproductive cloning is cloning a whole new human body. Therapeutic and reproductive cloning are just a waste of taxpayer money. Taxpayers would not benefit off of cloning in any way. Both therapeutic and reproductive cloning are dangerous. Cloning a relative whom past away is not the best idea. Cloning something is done by an option. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay taxes because not …show more content…

“Some cells mutate and cause tumors in patients.” Cells motify can form malignancy. Because you need to take cells to clone someone, it causes unusual growth of tissues which leads to a tumor. If cloning causes tumors that are much worse, than cloning should not even be allowed. When a loved one passes away it is not the best thing that can happen to anybody but cloning that person so that they can be here again will not ever be the same as if they were here alive. “Parents who have lost children have grieved and sought consultation from family community. Replacing the deceased child by cloning degrades and dehumanizes the child, it’s a replacement, and all of us.” Cloning someone does not necessarily mean it will be the same human being. All it means is that you will clone someone that look like your loved one. Cloning your loved one will just bring back memories from the past. Cloning a genealogy would hurt you because it is just bringing flashbacks. Your clone won 't have the same emotions as your ancestor whom past away. Cloning does not benefit humans or animals it is just causes deaths. Taxpayers will waste their money on cloning that is

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