Pros And Cons Of Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine has a treatment nowadays for our cells, organs and tissues repair and replacement normal function. Hence demands increase in population for organ transplantation. Research has conducted for recent and alternative therapies. Regenerative Medicine can medicate few cells that were damage due to agedness and congenital defects. In addition stem cell has a regenerative medicine; it regenerates, repairs, and restores functionality. Regenerative medicine has a cure to failing or damage tissues. Stem cell increase years to human life, cure disorder and it also includes make one seems juvenile. As a result this gives leisure to the opening of stem cell clinics to the public in the Philippines. Cellular Therapeutics Center of Makati …show more content…

Destroying these embryos in research would not deprive them of a valuable future. It would be unethical, under whatever circumstances to practice wanted embryos for research. Human animal chimera, an experiment was conducted using the genetic material from human convey to an animal. In addition they argue stem cell research paid minor contemplation to the potential of the umbilical cord. The therapy point out that no medication have been yet produced.
Wanted embryos were valuable for their parents. Respect for the moral value regarding the feelings of the parents. Individual’s cells were duplicated it was another issue concern on cloning embryonic stem cell. This was a therapeutic cloning and begins using same procedure as reproductive cloning. If the cell in the therapy usage embryonic there were impediment of possible negation, having cell from different …show more content…

Furthermore the church opposes the stem cell therapy. Human comes to an existence at from how the mother carries the embryo, days passed it develops and undergo several stages. Prenatal was a developing human being. From the mother’s womb at a point advance in development embryonic stem cells were kept. An act of direct and willingness to spare a prenatal was always a serious sin or immoral act against God by virtue of it’s a gift from heaven. This basis came from the Catholic Church Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Method for obtaining embryonic stem cell that result in the death of the prenatal was gravely immoral, regardless of how the embryo's life begins. Kaufman (2001) “There was definitely a dark side to stem cell research and therapy, however there was hope. This hope maybe intricate to reach yet it’s there.” Stem Cell causes numerous consequences for, it was not reliable and this should undertake deeper studies on the other hand this was the only hope for the person suffering from diseases. We should thank God for the life we have. All of us have a special purpose, it is to live and do God’s will. People were God’s creation all of us were obliged to love one another not to hurt others especially the embryos inside the mother’s

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