Stem Cell Informative Speech

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There have been many different experiments to try and grow different objects. A Dutch scientist is growing pork in a lab by growing pig stem cells and cultivating them until they become pig skeletal muscles. Their previous attempts to perfect the texture of the meat fell short and more work needs to be done before it goes into the public, But they believe that in the near future this will be a new science breakthrew. Many also believe that this could one day help end world hunger and reduce the slaughtering of animals.
Stem cells have a remarkable feature, they can become bone, muscle, cartilage and other specialized types of cells. Stem cells have the potential to cure specific diseases such as Parkinson 's, Alzheimer 's, Diabetes, and Cancer. A few years ago, you could only get stem cell transplants from specific doctors, But as of 2015 there are 170 clinics that can do the procedure.
The way that they implant the stem cells into the patient 's body is by putting the cells straight into the bloodstream or by inserting the cells into the patient 's bone marrow. They extract all of the stem cells that they need and then they take out the patient 's dead stem cells and put in the donor 's healthy stem cells. There have been around 38,000 patients with rare blood diseases that have been treated with …show more content…

Not all of the stem cells are controversial. Mostly the only one that people don’t approve of is the Embryonic Stem cell transplant. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is when scientist take cells from aborted fetuses or fertilized eggs and use then for medical research purposes. This causes controversy because it is against most people 's religion to get abortions. Even if it not against their religion, some people still do not like the idea of taking stem cells from aborted babies and putting them into sick people. On the contrary, people do support the idea of Embryonic stem cells because they think that it will help science find new ways to make cures for different

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