Why Did Stella Artois Use The Ethos Mode Of Persuasion

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Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a name brand of beer from Belgium. This year their beer got advertised in the super bowl! An actor named Matt Damon was in this commercial. The reason why he is in the commercial is because he wants to help a problem. This commercial is using all 3 modes of persuasion. These modes are Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

This commercial is featuring its famous beer and chalices. Matt Damon is saying if you buy their chalices Stella and water.org will be able to provide fresh water for developing countries. He says if 1% of the super bowl watchers buy a chalice, water.org will be able to provide fresh water for 5 years! Matt Damon is a famous actor. He holds a strong voice in society. Water.org is not very known so this …show more content…

Ethos is appeal based on the character of the speaker. Matt Damon is the speaker in the commercial. He is well known for his acting. He has many admirers and the point of him speaking is to get him many admirers to buy the chalices. Matt Damon has a strong voice and power with his status and Stella is hoping to use that in order to help other and themselves.

The commercial is also using the Pathos mode of persuasion. Pathos is appeal based on emotion. The commercial wants the viewers to feel pity and guilt for the people in developing countries. In order to feel at ease, they provide you with an opportunity to help out. That is how they tie the chalices into the scenario. The viewers feel bad so they buy the product, and it ends up helping so many people!

The commercial is using yet another mode of persuasion. This mode is Logos. Logos is appeal based on logic or reason. Matt provides statistics about the developing countries. Then he gives statistics on how little a percentage of the super bowl viewers it takes to help these people out. The commercial makes Matt look like he knows what he's talking about and the viewers are going to listen obviously. People listen to smart

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