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During the flu season, many people are susceptible to catching the flu. It doesn’t help that some people still haven’t caught on to hygiene. Even worst, these people may have kids that have gained this poor hygiene habit and have to go to school. For the parents with proficient hygiene, sending their kids during the most susceptible time to school is hellish to even fathom. Anyone who has kids knows the most important thing in the world is their kids’ safety and health. So when in a print advertisement for children and adults vitamins shows up, it is probably going to spark some fascination. The print ad that I am talking about can be found in the magazine Healthy Living, September/October issue of 2015. In this essay, I will be deconstructing …show more content…

The ad uses pathos by appealing to the emotions of a mother. They do this by exploiting the love that mothers feel for their children by directing more to the child. The ad uses logos by creating the stickers on the bottles for their respected age group. For example, the adult’s vitamin bottle and logo is not as cartoony as the children 's vitamin bottle and logo: adult vitamin bottle lacks a cartoon bear and has instead some realistic looking fruit. Another way this ad uses logos and pathos is the way the child on the woman’s back is using her arms. Her arms are spread out like a bird or plane subconsciously implanting the idea into the viewer that the sky 's the limit for the child if he or she takes this vitamin. The last of the persuasive tools used is the most subtle of the three: ethos. The very fact that they are vitamin companies means that people don’t need evidence that the products work, but just that the authority says it does. With all this said, we can assume a couple of things. The first is that the cultural values that this advertisement promotes go as follows: healthy, active children, mothers love their children, and ignorantly following implied authority. The second thing that we can assume is that American culture if made up of ads similar to this one is probably made up of people who like being told what to

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