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The rhetorical analysis of the court document “Kinkel vs The State of Oregon”. The document was written to explain the arguments of both sides of the court and to justify the decision made by the court and the judge through facts and rhetorical accounts of events that transpired. The judge clearly uses Ethos, Logos, and Pathos within the analysis which is used to his advantage. There are many audiences involved in the court and trial. There is the defendants and the victim’s family members present. On May 21, 1998, tragedy was sweep through Thurston High School when Mr.Kinkel decide to go to school and shoot 30 victims and killing four of them. Two of the people he killed were his parents that he killed at home, and 26 other victims were injured. On July 31, 2002 he appealed the court case was evaluated by doctors, law firms, courts, and judges. When he go his sentence the Defendant decide to appeal the sentence. They said it was unconstitutional and he was mentally unstable. Ethos was greatly involved in the document in order to sway readers towards the courts sentencing. Ethos is credibility of the author and all the things he mentions and says in the analysis. The author who is a judge of Oregon, uses quotes from medical trained …show more content…

The author skillfully uses all three forms to play on the audience’s emotions along with their logical side to cause them to be completely for the court’s final statement and decision. Although the author was required to write this because the defendant appealed the case, he did a wonderful job ensuring that any questions or comment or concerns would be answered after reading this document. Within this document this analysis educated and helped guide people in seeing the uses of rhetoric in the future and you will be less likely to be swayed by rhetorical analysis in your future

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