Insurance Ethos Pathos Logos

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The process for this speech was as follows, first was to decide what the speech topic would be. You gave me the idea of travel insurance during a conversation about the informative speech. Next was the research phase. I did find some articles using a database search of the HACC library and then used Google to check out some of the companies that provide insurance and what information was available. I then started on the preparation outline following the example of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence that you had provided us. I went to the tutoring lab to get advice and was given a few ideas to incorporate. Since the timing had been an issue for me, I again typed out the entire speech hoping that I would be able to adjust the time to fit into the requirements. …show more content…

The pathos was showing the harm or fear that can come by not having the insurance. The logos was expressing the ways that having the insurance protects health and wealth. Using Monroe’s feels like giving a sales pitch to a group of people.
I think that I was calm and not as nervous as I felt I would be before the class started and that I spoke in a natural tone. My self-perception is that I have that deer in a headlight look to myself when I’m in an uncomfortable position. These are things to remember for when I have to interview for a job, that what I may think and feel, isn’t always reality. Last semester I had two group presentations. I am sure that there will be more of them so this class has prepared me to feel more comfortable and be more prepared for when the time comes.
My biggest need is just the need to be better prepared and second to be more organized. Practice and opportunities to speak in front of a group will help to continue to develop speaking skills. During interviews, I dislike questions about how I feel or a time when I reacted a certain way. Just like in a speech situation I feel everything is moving too fast and I need to remember to slow down, take a breath and remember I’ll be fine. Like with many people, I can be my own worst

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