Into The Wild Ethos Pathos Logos

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Joe Mccarty
Ms. Scott
English 12 12 May 2023

The Crazy Life of Mccandless In the book Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, a young man named Chris Mccandless changed his life from being an intelligent guy with a college degree to a hitchhiker hopping from state to state searching for happiness. His main goal was to make it to Alaska just to enjoy his life in peace but along the way, he ran into tons of issues that cost him stress and even his life. Jon effectively convinces his audience through statistics and surveys paired with emotional stories.

Jon Krakauers’s credibility as the author of this book comes from drawing his own experiences for example climbing Mt. Everest comparing them to Mccandles’s. I believe this story just by how it was told, I think he did an excellent job adding detail and emotion. He did a good job describing Chris early on in the book by giving the readers his background. I personally enjoyed the way he did that and I also think he did a good job hooking the readers and getting them interested just by the front cover of the book. He brings passion out in his writing and gets down to the reader's level of understanding by using factual evidence to establish trust. …show more content…

With his unique way of writing, he did a great job hooking the readers. One example of Jon’s use of logos was when he included information about Mccandless's decision to explore Alaska and his confidence in surviving. Jon also shows pathos by describing his death at the beginning of the story by letting the reader know how bad it was. He expressed the boy was only 67 pounds and very smelly at the time when they found him. I think how Jon brought up what happened at the end of the book in the beginning helped me get involved and I’m sure many others who read the

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