Drunk Driving Propaganda

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Propaganda can be used in many different forms to persuade people to follow a particular belief, person, or idea. An ad that uses propaganda to influence people to do a certain thing is Ad #14, which is about driving while drunk. The subject of this ad was about a woman whose life has been impacted by drunk driving. The message that this ad was trying to get across was that drunk driving doesn’t always kill you. If you end up being alive, there is a huge chance that your appearance or you in general will be drastically affected by it. Therefore, the message is not to drive while drunk because it can affect your life or someone else’s life one way or another. The audience that this ad is directed toward is everyone that is 21 or older …show more content…

The primary propaganda tactic that this ad uses is Fear. When Fear is used as a propaganda tactic, it “uses fear tactics to scare the audience into thinking/feeling/acting/buying etc or if you dont, something bad will happen to you.” The primary tactic being used in this ad is fear because it shows us how you or somebody else might end up if you drive while drunk. This propaganda technique was used effectively because it warns us about the effect of drunk driving. Not only can it kill us, but if we end up alive, it will affect us drastically. It makes us want to be aware of our surroundings and think about our actions. This tactic was specifically used because if we are scared of the outcome of something, it will make us be more aware and it will also make us think about our actions before we do something. A secondary propaganda tactic that was used in ad #14 was Appeal to Pity. When Appeal to Pity is used in an ad, “it creates an emotional response in the audience and makes us pity the subject in the ad.” If you feel bad, you will help/do/buy. The subject in this ad is the woman whose appearance has been impacted in the audience. The secondary tactic being used in this ad is appeal to pity because it shows a picture of the girl affected because and after the accident. This propaganda tactic was used effectively because it not only makes us feel bad for her, but it also makes us want to think about our actions and how they can affect others. If anybody that drunk drives sees this ad, it will most likely make them stop because they would feel guilty about how they could’ve potentially ruined their life or somebody else’s life. This propaganda ad focuses on the idea of drunk driving and the causes that it has on other

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