Drunk Driving Persuasive Speech Outline

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Topic Template
1st Choice Topic Option
Name: Mckensie Sisco, Victoria Koreneck, Stephen Neumann( Group 4)
Speech Topic: Drunk Driving
Date: March 1, 2017
Central Idea: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Organizational Strategy: Topical
Topic Explanation: This topic should be approved because in this class many of us are still fairly young and like to “go out” so this is just another message on why we shouldn’t drive drunk. I am interested in this topic because I think it is very important that people our age know the consequences of drunk driving. This topic will connect with the audience because it goes on everyday around us with us in a college town. I will tell what Mothers Against Drunk Driving is and what the organization does
Summary of
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I will inform them on the many ways that it helps young kids who have been diagnosed with cancer and terminal illnesses. I will persuade my audience to support Make-A-Wish foundation. I am interested in this topic because not only do I have close friends who have had cancer but I also think this is a great way to help children who are struggling at such a young age. This topic will connect with the audience because cancer and terminal illnesses have affected a lot of people whether it was a direct or distant family member, or family friend. I will tell how Make-A-Wish foundation has completely changed children’s…show more content…
I: Cancer as well as other terminal illnesses cause a nation-wide problem of grief, sickness, and death.
Main Pt. II: Make-A-Wish America combats the problem of cancer as well as terminal illnesses by being a beam of light and hope to children battling for their lives against sickness.
Main Pt. III. By supporting Make-A-Wish America, you are having an impact not only on the life of the child dying from cancer, but the lives of the family and friends of the wish-granter as well as the volunteers.
(Cite at least 2 out of the 3 required sources in the main point
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