Terry Fox Autobiographies

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Terry Fox has been Canada’s hero for many generations, and you could still say that he is to this day. What better way to learn about him then reading Terry Fox: His Story, by Leslie Scrivener. In my opinion, this book is one of the greatest autobiographies that I have ever read, it might even be one of the best books I have ever read, in all honesty. From the way this book is written to how each idea is executed in this book, this book brought back many memories that I had of Terry Fox and it brought some new one’s as well. Terry Fox: His Story, is about eighteen year old Terry Fox. At the age of eighteen, Terry Fox was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma. A type of cancer that starts in the knees and spread throughout your whole body. This caused Terry to get his leg amputated and to get a prosthetic leg. Terry Fox did not let this pull him down, so he started running 10 kilometers every single day. One day, he realized that he loved running so much …show more content…

I get to experience the Terry Fox run every single year. I do it for the very same reason that Terry Fox did it, to find a cure for cancer. Millions of people get killed because of cancer every year, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over 650 Million dollars for cancer research, which is just insane. When cancer finally get’s cured, Terry Fox will be known for having a huge contributiont. I see people with cancer all the time and I have had relatives die because of this disease. One thing that I do now after reading this book is give lot’s of respect to those who are affected by cancer. The amount of courage Terry Fox had displayed the amount of courage a lot of other cancer patients have. I see people on wheelchairs playing basketball and people running on one leg, just like Terry Fox did. Do they get any credit for that? Not really. This book relates to all cancer patients out there, and indicates that there is nothing in this world that you can’t

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