Budweiser's Use Of Pathos In Advertising

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Advertisements have been used throughout generations to persuade the viewer to purchase the product that the company is trying to sell. However, some companies appeal to the emotions instead of trying to sell the product itself. Companies have the ability to persuade the opinions of the reader and make an advertisement that can be mesmerizing. Advertisements have helped the awareness of what a products good for or how it is better than the other retailers product. As Jeremy Bradley states “Advertising can help your business to increase its value and build its reputation” (Bradley, Jeremy. The Impact of Advertising & Sales Promotion in Revenue, Increasing Value). The first commercial includes a marvelous tale of fear and being lost. Budweiser is trying to appeal to the views pathos by intriguing the audience and making them feel worried for the main characters. A strong feeling of suspense comes from the plot as raising the question of will the best friends be reunited again. The commercial gains credibility because the main characters are the center attention of the Budweiser campaign. The …show more content…

Although there are similarities between the commercials, like this suspenseful story of never coming home, a strong difference can be recognized. This commercial views the tragedies of losing a best friend to drinking and driving. Pathos can be shown through the heartbreaking thought of watching someone grow close and then losing them to one idiotic decision. Credibility can be found in the fact that budweiser, a beer company, is informing and raising awareness on the deep relationships that can be lost from irresponsibly consuming their product. With that being said, Budweiser is persuading to buying their product but showing that they care by reaching out to consumers about the tragedy of drinking and

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