Budweiser Pupy Love Essay

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Arguably America’s most beloved drink of all; beer, is shared and drank for many various occasions worldwide. Budweiser, a well know beer company around the globe, released a gratifying commercial during one of the most watched events nationwide; The Super Bowl. Their commercial, “Puppy Love,” first aired in 2015, and pulled the heart strings of all beer and/or animal lovers worldwide. Using tactics such as showing the bond of relationships, expressing the American dream, and emotionally conveying a story that reaches viewers’ emotions with a powerful message that every human being can relate to in an extremely clever presentation showcasing a puppy and a horse was very brilliant. Most people have a soft spot for puppies and many others are accustomed to Budweiser’s symbolic mascot, Clydesdales horses. Budweiser is a well-known brewing company that sells its distinguished beverage, yet the company’s commercials are not typical of what one might expect in any way. While many people consume beer during the Super Bowl, Budweiser chose to productively advertise by alluring to the heartstrings of customers through the commercial, “Puppy Love.” Rather than marketing Budweiser beer and linking it with drinking and having a …show more content…

The owner of the horse and puppy is a middle aged, middle class farmer. The fact that they choose his profession as a farmer illustrates what America was built on. This targets not only the prideful Americans but the blue collar, everyday industrious man. The view of an American farmer is described portrayed as a hard worker who owns and runs their own business. A farmer is purely a mimicry of the dedicated working class. Budweiser’s version of the middle class farmer draws in a little over half of the American Population. This proportion of the society is convinced to choose Budweiser, due to the relatability to their daily

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