Cruelty To Animals Rhetorical Analysis

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Most of us have pets and consider them part of the family. As a result, we could never imagine the horror some animals are forced to endure at the hands of their caretakers. This particular ad depicts a powerful visual of a neglected dog, in poor health, chained to what seems to be a barrel. The copy in the ad, while minimal, is powerful: “Help Us Help them” and the words “Donate Today” (ASPCA). This ad is a public service announcement to bring awareness to the community concerning the horrors of animal abuse, its helpless victims, and to compel the public to make a financial donation to put an end to animal cruelty.
The sponsor of the ad is the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an organization known for its …show more content…

In addition, the ad strives to bring awareness and educate the public about the all too real and horrifying facts of animal cruelty. One of the elements used to support the message is the powerful image of the neglected dog. Light is used to create contrast, and it serves to bring to the forefront the focal point. The viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to the timid and emaciated dog chained to the barrel, stating its claim as the ad’s focal point. In addition, the obscure dark area serves to set a somber mood reinforcing the message of the dog’s helplessness and desperation. The copy strategically placed next to the dog’s face is used to guide the viewer’s eye to the next important element, the message “Help Us Help Them” (ASPCA). Likewise, the words “Help Us Help Them” (ASPCA) assist in delivering and clarifying the message of the visual to the audience. Other elements in the photograph, serve to direct the viewer to the next element of importance, such as the chain that serves as a directional line to guide the eye to the words “Donate Today” (ASPCA). These words set in white are intentionally placed on an orange hue background causing them to stand out creating contrast, urging the audience to make a donation. Another element used to support the ad’s message is the …show more content…

Additionally, each of these elements builds on one another helping support the ad’s argument and delivering a clear and compelling message to the audience. In conclusion, based on my analysis of the design, this public service announcement ad is very effective in conveying the sponsor’s message to stop animal cruelty and the plea for financial support to the

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