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In this next section will shall examine a range of advertising imagery, critically evaluating these images in greater detail for their hidden psychological connotations and how they are visually constructed in photographic terms by studying the key constructs of that particular image that are used to sell a specific product. Linking the notion of connecting emotions, fantasies and the audience’s aspirations to an item in order to sell it. By carrying out this investigation of imagery it will reinforce the statement that in fact imagery can have an adverse effect on a section of society through the use of manipulation.

A quintessential example of this image manipulation used in advertising, see (Figure 2.1) comes from a cigarette advert promoting that smoking makes you thin. ‘Capri Cigarettes’ manufactured by ‘Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation’ advertised its product in certain fashion magazines in the late 1980’s aimed at …show more content…

Shot by photographer, Anthony Mandler in the Californian desert with a dramatically lit skyline behind the subject. This advertisement appeared in many gentlemen’s magazines in 2013, thus meaning the advert it aimed at a male-targeted audience. The image contains a range of visual tactics in order to promote the most observable manipulation is the fact that the company has hired a renowned footballer David Beckham, to become the new face of the advert campaign this helps intuitions to sell a certain lifestyle along with the product, in particular David Beckham’s lifestyle. Other visual cues that construct the myth can be noted by the use of the model’s pose and aesthetics plus also the smart clothing worn by Beckham and the luxurious ‘Bentley’ in the

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