Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Reading assignment number three is important because of the rapid growth in technology. The reading assignment touches on the subject of using visual imagery and learning how to properly analyze what we have seen. Analyzed properly a picture can tell the viewer many things. Visual imagery is becoming a more progressive. The number one reason I think reading this assignment is important is that technology is growing at such a rapid pace. Understanding that technology has made the use of visual imagery to persuade us as a society is crucial. Reading this assignment gives us the viewer the tools to properly see a realistic view behind the image. We can tell story, interpret situations, market an item and use visual imagery in many other ways, …show more content…

Reading about visual analysis is more important than ever because we are using visual imagery in the same way we use literature. An image can give us a story and a purpose. Knowing how to properly analyze virtual imagery will help us to determine the story behind the picture. Analyzing virtual imaging gives us an accurate view of the picture. Images can be deceiving and have a direct purpose intended by the creator. Knowing the purpose and goal behind the image will help us to see how it is being used to persuade the viewer. Virtual analysis gives us the ability to see what is beyond the image displayed. We can try to interpret and breakdown the content. An example of how analysis is useful is a detective in a murder investigation between a husband and wife. . The detective would analyze the last known pictures of the couple. He would try to determine if the couple in the picture was happy or had conflict. Knowing if the image was unrealistic or manipulated could help solve the case. Having the knowledge to know how we are being manipulated through image is useful. Images can be used to manipulate us to buy an expensive brand of coffee based on the marketing ad. The viewer might be persuaded to buy the coffee simply because the woman drinking it appears to be happy and

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