Syntax, And Connotation In 'Always Running'

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Always Running In the story always running by using imagery, syntax, and connotation to express a deeper meaning in the story. The effect of connotation is to gives a better understanding of something using a emotional meaning like we he says “I don’t know what possessed him”(Line 2) It shows that when you normally say possessed it means taken over like by a ghost but he uses this to show he doesn’t know what would make him do that and this helps give a stronger meaning to what he is thinking It’s the same nearly when he says “I remember the Shrill, maddening laughter of one of the kids on a bike.”(Line 6) They use the word shrill to express a stronger emotional feeling tied to what is happening at the moment And they used these sentences to help express a deeper meaning to the story with the use of connotation.The effect of syntax is the arrangement of words to change the meaning Like in in the story where they say “Spics to order- and maybe with some beans?”(Line 4) And with the arrangement …show more content…

Imagery helps us understand the actions or feeling in something In the story where they say “I felt melted gum and chips of broken beer bottles on my lips and cheek.”(Line 5) This shows how one side of the train tracks has better stuff and more luxuries and they are kinda spoiled so they don’t care about when they litter They also say in the story that “he slid to the ground, like a rotten banana squeezed out of its peeling”(Line 7) This lets you imagine a better look of what is happening because just like a rotten banana it is bruised and gooey Imagery is something that is used to express a deeper meaning or feeling based on words or feelings. The purpose of this writing was to show how the separation between races and to show how words can provide a deeper meaning or a vehicle for change In the story called always running by Luis J Rodriguez And that is how you can use imagery, syntax, and connotations to express a deeper meaning in writing based on the words

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