Persuasive Essay: Gun Safe For Children

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In America children twelve years and younger die once a week from accidental gun deaths. With that being said parents should be charged for their children causing deaths with their guns. Guns should always be put away in a gun safe, children are killing other children, and parents should know all the gun safety rules to pass them on to their children. This is just scratching the surface of why parents should be responsible for their children.

First off if you are going to own a gun you also need to own a safe. A gun safe should be required when purchasing a firearm in all states. Having a gun safe is only law in twenty-seven states and the District of Colombia. When you aren’t home your child has an easy access to your gun if it’s not properly put away. Having a gun safe keeps your firearm away and out of reach from your children. Gun safes have passwords, locks and keeps it safely secured. Having them looked up is not only safe but it’s teaching your children the importance of safety. If gun safes were mandatory in every household that owns a gun, children would not be accidentally killing others.

We have children causing accidental deaths to adults and other children. More than one hundred children each year die from an accidental death. …show more content…

Gun safety classes should be mandatory for not only the gun owner but also their family. Having mandatory gun safety lessons, it would show children the importance. You can think you know everything you need to know about gun safety, but do you know how to accurately teach your child? Adequate training and knowledge about the guns that are in your house has to be a must. Teaching our children, the dangers of using a gun needs to become a top priority in the country. We can prevent these accidental killings, accidental shootings, and school shootings if we just took a little time to teach our children proper gun

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