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Title: Gun Safety Rules and Tips Guns are inherently dangers and should be handled with care. Improper use, storage and care of firearms leads to unintentional deaths, injury or damage. If you are a firearm owner, a potential gun owner or a curious about the use and effects of guns, then learning about gun safety is essential. Gun safety rules are the recommendations given to minimize or eliminate accidental or negligent discharge and the consequences of malfunctioning firearms. They also impart knowledge on properly storing firearms. Various versions of gun safety rules have been published by organizations such as the American National Rifle Association (NRA), The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and the Canadian Firearms Programs. …show more content…

There are locks that prevent firearms from being discharged even if accessed. However, these locks can be easily defeated. • Store ammunition away from firearms. • Store your guns with the safety on. Commonly Asked Gun Safety Questions 1. Is the gun’s safety 100% reliable? The gun’s safety is not 100% reliable. The gun may fire even if the safety is off. Follow the gun safety rules to prevent damage in case of an accidental shooting and clean your gun regularly. 2. If another gun resembles mine, does that mean it operates the same? Just because guns look similar does not mean they work the same. Always take the time to learn how to handle any unfamiliar gun. 3. Should I keep my firearm loaded always in case of an emergency? To avoid accidents only load your firearm when necessary. 4. Can I use any ammo if it fits in the chamber? Only use ammunition that is recommended by the manufacturer. This will prevent mechanical and firing malfunctions. 5. Is ear and eye protection necessary? Guns are loud and firing them can lead to debris flying at you. Therefore, wearing ear and eye protection will help prevent hearing damage and eye injury. 6. Who should know about gun safety? Everyone should know about gun safety, from authorized handlers to children and the

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