Firearm Stoppage

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Firearm stoppage is one of the biggest problems I see in the military along with operator error. It can throw you off when you are shooting than all the sudden something went wrong and now you have to fix the jam.
Sam is the acronym that the man in the video uses that for troubleshooting what happened that created stoppage. The S in SAM stands for the shooter, or what I like to call operator error. He goes into talking about a shooter that is shooting with a limp wrist which does not allow the slide on a semiautomatic go all the way back. When shooting a semi automatic you need to have a firm grip on the gun which allows the slide to come all the way back allowing the gun to eject the round completely. Another thing he talks about is the shooter is putting their thumb on the slide which is retarding the slide from reaching its rear position. …show more content…

Some ammunition will not slide on the feed ramp rather than sliding right into the chamber properly. Also when shooting any ammunition make sure that ou shoots plenty of it while getting used to it. One thing that I do with my concealed carry is I put, randomly, dummy rounds into my magazine. This helps with jerking while shooting and will also help with fixing a malfunction fast and appropriately. Another thing that I really liked that the man in the video says that when you are shooting make sure you are carrying ammo that you have been shooting on the range, and shoot a lot of it. The worst thing that could happen is, when you get into a sticky situation and need your gun, you pull the gun out and pull the trigger and nothing happens, because you decided to shoot cheaper ammo at the range then just trying the ammo you are actually going to be

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