Weapon Essays

  • The Spartan Weapon

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    Spartan-weaponry The first and most well-known weapon from the Spartan 's choice of weaponry is their spear, or 'Dory '. The Dory was a spear which was wielded by the Spartan soldiers; the Dory itself was truly a hefty spear and ranged from seven to nine feet long in length. When used by the Spartans, this spear would be wielded with only one hand which allowed for the Spartan to maintain and protect himself with his Apsis shield. When wielding the Dory to attack, the Spartan would mix both upward

  • Assault Weapons Banned

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    Would banning of assault weapons reduce crime? Assault weapons are some of the most dangerous weapons in the US. However, a big issue with any kind of gun isn’t just the type of gun, but the amount of ammunition the gun can hold. The typical civilian assault rifle holds 30 rounds of ammunition and can be easily reloaded within seconds. This makes it easy for mass shootings to occur similar to the shooting in Las Vegas. Banning assault weapons would make the world much safer by saving many lives.

  • Essay On Concealed Weapons

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    they all the time with a concealed weapons permit. That number is 20% out of the 15 million americans that have a concealed weapons permit. We should not get rid of the right to carry a concealed weapon though there are exceptions depending on the person and their history. Instead of ever getting rid of this privilege we should do through background checks on every person that registers for a concealed weapons permit. This would limit the risks of putting a weapon into the hands of someone that has

  • Unique Weapons In Ww2 Essay

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    What were some unique weapons that were used in World War II? Well, to start off it should be known that many of World War II weapons were big, small, long, tall, etcetera. Some of them were weird in many ways too. Some of them were heavy or had weird names. They were highly detailed and had very, very, very fast bullets. Some of these World War II weapons came from places you sometimes would not think you would go, such as Germany, the United States of America, Russia, or anywhere you can think

  • Pros And Cons Of Assault Weapons

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    But what should be done about assault weapons? There should be no reason for homeowners and everyday citizens to own such things as an AR-15 or a Machine Gun. Assault weapons should not be permitted in the US. The majority of assault weapons that are used for these shootings are acquired legally by shooters. In some of the most recent major attacks, “killers in Las Vegas and Orlando attacks… walk into gun shops and legally purchase assault weapons” (Ingraham). United States Senator Dianne Feinstein

  • Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

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    Gun control and banning assault weapons is simply not the answer to mass shootings. There are many reasons why gun control is bad for citizens and does not help. Many steps have been taken to lower gun crimes and have greatly helped the cause. Assault weapons are also seen as a large issue but aren’t the problem either. Gun violence is the lowest it has been in decades. Despite all the talk of gun violence that would make it seem like there were high rates of it, it has surprisingly gone down

  • The Pros And Cons Of Assault Weapons

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    One side calls them weapons of war, the other side claims the term “assault weapon” is merely an intimidating term used to scare liberals and anti-gun advocates. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a national ban on assault weapons. The assault weapons ban comes with a sunset effect and every 10 years the ban automatically expires and every gun advocate crawls out of hiding to make sure the ban doesn’t renew (“Should the government restrict access to assault weapons?”). Congress needs to stand

  • Pros And Cons Of Military Weapons

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    Military grade weapons are made for one reason and one reason only—to kill human beings. There is no reason for ordinary people to have access to this type of weaponry, especially semi-automatic rifles. More weapons, especially more semi-automatic weapons, does not mean less crime; semi-automatic weapons are not convenient for personal protection, and banning these weapons could help lower the number of mass shootings that occur in this country today. In 2016 alone, approximately 39,000 Americans

  • Concealed Weapons Pros And Cons

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    Paper will discuss that controversial topic of concealed handguns. Being pro concealed weapons, I feel they can prevent crimes from happening and help people to defend themselves in dangerous situations. The contents of this paper will review the arguments for and against concealed handgun and will deliver a policy regarding the public health topic of concealed carry laws. Concealed handgun should be allowed for the main reason that they help to prevent crimes from occurring. Not only is carrying

  • Gun Control: The Weapon Of Choice

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    Gun Control/The weapon of Choice Gun Control laws have been up for debate lately as to whether they should be regulated or not in the United States. I think it depends on what type of control over guns is being enforced. As many may know handguns are easily concealed, and they are often the weapon of choice for people who choose to use them for self-defense. Sadly they are also the weapon of choice for criminals which makes it harder for the responsible gun owners and this is where the Gun Control

  • The Importance Of Weapons In The Civil War

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    In the Civil War there were a lot of different variations of rifles and pistols used by the North and South. In some cases, these weapons had a huge effect in deaths. Also most people don’t realise that pistols also could be a deadly at short range. These guns were a big part of the Civil War.     There were some very deadly rifle used on both sides, but as we learned in class, the north got the better of them. The South actually had to try to recreate what The North got, but it didn’t

  • The Argument Against Assault Weapons

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    Assault weapons are dangerous to let citizens own them. Despite the danger, the government should not ban assault weapons. The danger isn’t the weapon, it’s the person wielding it. Some assault rifles hold 6 times the amount of pistols. Most pistols hold around 15-16 rounds, but an AR can hold around 30-100. Furthermore, Assault weapons should not be banned because previous bans were not effective, citizens would not be able to protect themselves, and criminals would still find weapons to use. First

  • Weapons In Colonial Times Essay

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    the Colonial Times. Weaponry evolved from the basic weapon such as a bayonet to the highly destructive cannon. Although the levels of advancement varied their purpose was all the same, to kill. They were used and still are used to fight and the Colonial Times are a big contributor to how they are used today. During the Colonial Times weapons such as muskets, rifles, and tomahawks were used and improved for killing. The first basic weapon that was used during colonial times was the tomahawk.

  • Anglo Saxon Weapons Essay

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    Anglo-Saxon life. The people who fought in these wars were viewed as heroes. Only the men carried weapons, but that didn’t mean women wouldn’t use them if necessary to protect their home or themselves. The most basic weapon used by the Anglo-Saxons would have been knives, which they called aseax, although it was more used for tools and eating. Spears, called spere, ord, aesc, sceaft or gar, were a pretty common weapon. More often than not, they were over 2 metres and could have been used for warfare or hunting

  • Essay On Should Assault Weapons Be Banned

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    Control: Assault Weapons Should be Banned in America In the past decade there have been many mass shootings which sparked a nationwide debate on the ban on assault weapons. Assault weapons are Semiautomatic weapons that are usually used in the military due to their advanced features. The difference between a Semiautomatic weapon and a regular pistol is that semiautomatic guns reload automatically and can fire consistently (Assault Weapons). Majority of Americans argue that Assault Weapons should be banned

  • Non Lethal Weapons Research Paper

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    A non-lethal weapon that can replace a gun is…. Which non-lethal weapon has the best chance of replacing the gun? There are a few weapons that I think that has a good chance of being a good non-lethal weapon. Would you like to be in a world where you don’t have to worry about the law enforcement killing you with a lethal weapon. When people are by the police they usually get a little scared or get on edge. I know people would love to feel safe when they are encountered by a law enforcement official

  • Argumentative Essay About Weapons On Campus

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    With the controversial topic of weapons brought into public light, different aspects on the subject may become universal. Although weapons are generally seen as dangerous and unnecessary to most, others view weapons as a means of lawful defense against everyday dangers. In 2007, there were 32 people killed in the Virginia Tech college shooting. This, although caused by unregulated gun licences, could have been helped by the presence of another weapon as a means of defense and may have lessened the

  • Should Semi-Automatic Weapons Be Banned?

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    rising and recent shooters have been using assault weapons to increase the rate of how many people they can kill in a given time. It is time that semi-automatic rifles are to be swept off store shelves. People tend to get tangled in opinions and quotes on rather semi-automatic weapons should be banned or not, such as if they are protected by the second amendment, halting lawmakers from banning them. However, let there be no mistake that these weapons are a life threat to civilians. The amount of semi-automatic

  • Weapons Used In Medieval Times

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    There is hundreds of weapons, armour and inventions that medieval people used and created during these series of years. The people of this time period used a bunch of weapons that were very useful in fighting and building things around them that was needed. The medieval people created all of these different types of inventions and weapons to cope with the surroundings, to protect themselves and their families. What were the weapons used in this time period? How were the weapons used? What type of armour

  • The Pros And Cons Of Banning Assault Weapons

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    Will banning of assault weapons reduce crime? The production, sale, and possession of assault weapons for private citizens should be banned in the U.S. According to “The Washington Post”, banning assault weapons will not reduce crime. It will only lead to banning of guns. In the post, they state, “It 's only real justification  not to reduce crime, but to make the ownership of weapons to the public less.” By making the ownership of weapons less, the crime rate will most likely decrease, individuals