Weapons In Ww2 Essay

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WWII was a huge war with many different weapons involved in it. The weapons were very powerful and deadly. Many battles were won with strategy and the side with the best weapons. Soldiers were trained with the weapons assigned to them. Weaponry that was key in the battles of WWII included tanks, guns and aircraft and they had major effects on the war. Tanks had a huge effect on WWII. Because the tanks had a powerful gun on top of it that fires a powerful shell they were very deadly. General Patton was a very experienced tank platoon leader. Patton and his army of tanks went 10,000 miles into Germany to help the country liberate from Nazi rule (History.com Staff 7). Also tanks were very helpful to troops. Tanks were used in many battles and helped troops move in and win the battle. In conclusion, tanks helped all sides in many ways. …show more content…

Among those weapons the M-1 carbine was a very efficient weapon. The M-1 carbine was a semi-automatic gun used by the U.S. Army. Also guns even helped in the air. Guns were put on fighter planes for air support and taking down other planes. Lastly, aircraft carried many goods and many weapons to troops. One of the weapons was the American made M1911 pistol, Nearly 1.9 million of these pistols were made for WWII (Hickman 6). Guns were used in all forces in battle and were key in winning battles. Airplanes were frequently used in WWII. The P-51 Mustang was a great long-range fighter plane (Adams 33). The P-51 had droppable fuel tanks that explode (Adams 33. The Messerschmitt Me 262 was the first aircraft to use a jet engine. Other aircraft had trouble fighting against a much more advanced jet. The Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb. Paul Tibbets had a huge task and risked his life to end the war. The aircraft was major in helping are troops get food and weapons and in a way ended the

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