The Great Depression: Benito Mussolini And Adolf Hitler

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World War Two was a war very different from World War One; new technology developed during World War Two made the previous world war look ancient and primitive. With the start of World War Two, man-on-man combat was a thing of the past, as advanced technology such as airplanes became necessarily dominant. Countries were fighting to get ahead of each other in technology, as the more technologically advanced the opponent was, the greater the advantage they had. The development of technology grew exponentially, as any affluent country that even began to lag behind industrially was utterly demolished. Therefore, because the war was dependent on the use of highly-advanced machinery and devastating weapons, the development of technology was exceedingly …show more content…

According to Mr. Kim’s lecture on World War Two, both of these dictators had developed new and advanced war-machinery in order to prepare to gain European ascendancy. Germany and Italy, the two dictator’s home countries, had even allied together to create the Axis powers, Mussolini was able to easily capture Ethiopia, as Ethiopia’s primitive spears were no match against Italian tanks and guns. Although extreme, this was the first conflict in which advanced technology was necessary in order to advance in war. After Hitler grew to power, he began his plans to capture and annex the whole world into the “Third Reich.” After exploiting appeasement too far, Hitler launched a Blitzkrieg, or lightning war against Poland. Thus, Hitler uses his advanced technology to execute his plan on Poland. In preparation, Hitler created the Luftwaffe, or the German Air Force, a newly-developed air force which sees its use first during the Poland Blitzkrieg. According to Modern World History, after deploying the quick aircraft and tanks on Poland on September 1, 1939, Germany successfully wiped out Poland in a month. Shocked, Britain and France together formed the Allied powers and declared war on Germany in September 3, 1939. However, they had to quickly develop new offensive and defensive weapons in order to stop Hitler’s devastating forces. During …show more content…

Back in World War One, airplanes were a thought of the future, but they became extremely prominent in World War Two, and essentially ruled the offensive and defensive strategies of the European and Pacific Theater. The Germans were able to defeat many countries through their use of advanced military equipment, as they notoriously demolished France, Belgium, Poland, Norway, and Denmark. Hitler was able to utilize many successful tactics such as the Blitzkrieg and the Sitzkrieg. Those deadly tactics, when combined with the use of airplanes and tanks, was virtually unstoppable. Germany kept advancing its technology until it matched Britain, who was able to consistently match and fend off Germany’s shiny new weapons. In the Pacific Theater, the scientific breakthrough of the atomic bomb controlled the war, as Japan, who would’ve fought to their death, was forced to surrender after this devastating technology hit them. In the end, uses of new technology evidently swayed the war and proved that the more advanced country had the advantage over the less-equipped

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