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The battle of Britain is one of the important battles that happened during World War 2 where in Britain won and the Germans lost. The battle began in the mid of July, it lasted many months as the germans continued to bomb britain. This battle got its name by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill. Winston named it because he knew now that the battle of France was over and that the Germans were gonna come and want to take over Britain. Four days later what Winston said was true and france surrendered to Germany and the battle of France was over.
When the battle of Britain was barely starting the Germans were getting prepared to attack. The Germans first attacked towns and arm defenses in the southern coast side. After a while …show more content…

So then on August 24, 1940 Winston and the war cabinet decided to immediately strike for Berlin. When the British aimed for Berlin they went to high up that it made it difficult for them to aim right. Some of the bombs landed in the woods and some residential areas but no one was hurt. When it was all over Hitler promised the he was going to to destroy all of the british cities with bombs. Hitler said that when they throw about 4000 kilograms of bombs the Germans will throw up 400,000 kilograms of bombs. The leader of the Germans, Adolf Hitler, was starting to get frustrated that they couldn’t yet defeat the British. The rest of the Germans were also getting frustrated by the number of planes that the british …show more content…

One of the successful tactics that the Germans had was when they attacked high-low level bombers. The low level could creep under the radar systems and do a surprise attack. There was also night raids which made it difficult to carry out vital repairs. Now the RAF losses were becoming unsustainable. In the last week of August and the first week of September 112 RAF pilots were dead and 256 planes were lost. The ground crew also was suffering heavy casualties and many of the maintenance materials were wiped

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