Battle Of Bunker Hill Essay

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English 1
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February 20, 2015
The Battle of Bunker Hill
“Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes” (Battle of Bunker Hill). This famous quote by William Prescott was said while Patriots were defending against the British in the Battle of Bunker Hill, during the American Revolutionary War. While the British were charging up the hill, the Patriots were given this command because they were low on ammunition and needed every shot to count. (Battle of Bunker Hill)
A very key part in the battle was who the leaders were. The British had a total of seven leaders and commanders, while the Patriots had just four. Some of the leaders fought while others gave commands to the rest of the soldiers (Alchin, Linda). The British were led by General William Howe, he was the main leader. Major John Pitcairn was another British leader; he was the leader of the troops that …show more content…

Originally they wanted to attack in May, but they decided to wait until they got more men. About mid May, the British bring in reinforcements which bring their strength to about 6,000 men. Now all the British have to do is determine how and when they are going to attack. They decided that once Boston was secured they were going to move in towards Bunker Hill and attack (Battle of Bunker Hill). The first set date was first set for June 18, 1775. On June 15 the British gain full control of Boston and now are just planning to attack. Suddenly on June 16 the British realize that the Patriots are trying to set up defenses on Bunker Hill. The British move fast and set the attack date to June 17. They did this because they didn’t want the Patriots to have a defense set up. This would’ve worked, but the Patriots worked all night setting up a defense. On June 17, they notice the Patriots have a defense set up and now decide to attack. They moved their troops to Bunker Hill and attacked on June 17, 1775 (The Battle of Bunker Hill

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